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    History of the ESRB


    Parents have always been concerned with how their children entertain themselves. It's not easy filtering the content your children participate in. The ESRB is a non-profit entity that assigns ratings to video and computer games. In this section, you can read more about how it was formed, why it was formed, and what it means for parents that try to monitor the games that their children play.

    The Rating Process


    Not only does the ESRB rate games, but they are required to provide information and reasoning behind their ratings. Before a final game rating is delivered, there are a few processes that members of the ESRB go through to determine which rating will be the most appropriate. You can read more about those processes and what aspects of a game that reviewers look for and give rankings to in this section.

    Rating Meanings

    Father and Son

    Each game rating is symbolized by one or two letters, and they correspond to an age group that the ESRB deems appropriate for the content of the game. These rankings range from early childhood (EC) to adults only (AO). Each ranking is different, so it's important to learn about what each ranking tells you about the game so that you can determine which games are appropriate for you and your family.